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How To Write a Business Book and Build Your Audience

If you want to get more people interested in your business, publishing a business book might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, writing a business book is a great idea to think about. You only need a good idea for a book and a self-publishing partner to print books on demand. […]


Which Author Is Normally Responsible For Sharing Reprints Of A Publication With Readers?

You may have heard the terms “corresponding author” and “first author,” but you may not know what they mean. It is a common question, especially for researchers just starting, but it’s easy to answer: a corresponding author is responsible for submitting a manuscript for publication reprints, while the first author did the research and wrote […]


How To Become A Children’s Book Author?

Becoming a children’s book author can look easy, but it takes a lot of care and creativity to make Each page stand out. It could take hours of rewriting just one picture or sentence to get it right. So have patience as you rewrite, redraw, and reorganize your story. Let’s see how you can become […]

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